My ePortfolio

My Portfolio Webpage has been inspired and built as part of one of the freeCodeCamp’s basic front end development projects. It was a great experience and I have added a few of my own user stories to make it more challenging and gave it a personal touch!

HTML5, CSS and basic JavaScript have been used. Bootstrap framework made the job much easier. The design was done to make such that the below user stories were fulfilled,

  • User should be able to access all of the portfolio content just by scrolling.
  • The page should include different buttons that should take the user to the portfolio creator’s different social media pages with a click.
  • The projects built by the portfolio creator should be displayed in the form of thumbnail images.
  • User should also be able to navigate to different sections of the webpage by clicking on a links/buttons in the navigation bar.
  • The page should be responsive.
  • The navigation bar should collapse on smaller screen widths.

This little project got me all excited as it is the best opportunity to showcase myself and my masterpieces in the best way possible! In the process, I came to appreciate the importance of a webpage’s look and feel like never before. It definitely took some effort to transform the ideas I had on paper to a webpage. But then, with a burning passion, it’s all possible to achieve!

I am a proud camper @FCC and you are most welcome to check out my FCC code portfolio.


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